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Health Insurance Options for RVers for Affordable Health Care Coverage

Health insurance is a much talked about issue for full-time RVers. Remember employee paid health coverage is still an option. And, there are private medical insurance policies and group plans.

I wish I had an answer that included a suggestion for cheap medical insurance that provided inexpensive and reliable coverage, but I don't. We RVers face the same problems with it as all the self-employed folks and workers who don't have employer or welfare paid coverage.

The same options are available for RVers that are available to non-RVers. Some employers provide medical coverage for their employees. The rest of us look at buying private medical insurance, either individual or family coverage, directly from a health insurance agent. Group coverage through a professional or social organization is also an option. Small business owners may need self employed insurance. As in the general populace, some opt for no coverage, depending on good habits, good genes, or good luck.

The cost of an individual health policy is dependent on numerous things. The age, weight, medical history, occupation, and leisure activities of the insured are major considerations. The insured’s state of residence also makes a difference. Other factors are the types of coverage included, the deductible, the amount of co-insurance, and the total maximum payout limits of the policy. Group coverage may or may not be less costly than an individual medical insurance.

One way to cut costs is to get major medical insurance with a high deductible.

Your lifestyle affects your rates and options. You'll get cheaper rates if you don't smoke. Participating in sports that insurance companies deem as risky will increase your rates. And, if your weight is not within the guidelines on the chart, you'll pay dearly -- if they accept you at all.

Check with agents in your home area to see what they can offer you. Check with organizations you belong to or that you have an interest in to see if they endorse or affiliate with a health coverage program. One of the best ways to save is to take the time to compare policies and get health insurance quotes from several companies.

Cheap medical insurance is probably an oxymoron. I don’t think such a thing exists. You may however, be able to find affordable medical insurance. And, if you work for an employer that lets you travel, it may still come as an employee benefit.

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