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Holiday Celebrations: How RVers Celebrate Christmas and Other Holidays

Holiday celebrations … How do you celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays when you are RVing? Share your RV decorating tips, holiday recipes, and treasured traditions with us.

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How Do You Celebrating Christmas (and other Holidays) While RVing

Share with us how you decorate for Christmas and other holidays, and how you celebrate the holidays.

Stories Other RVers Shared about the Holidays

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First Holidays as Full Timers 
I am a Christmas "nut", as my hubby would say, and would begin decorating every room in the house, as well as the outdoors. We don't have that much room …

Building A Rose Parade Float 
Building a Rose Parade float for the New Year's parade in Pasadena has been on Michelle's bucket list for many years and we both looked forward to it. …

Holidays Far From Home 
The Joshua tree will never be a Christmas tree and most people call it ugly. My feeling is more one of appreciation. I have never seen anything in nature …

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