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A Little Giant Ladder: Something That's Really Handy When RVing

My Little Giant Ladder is a tool I bought about 15 years ago at the Florida RV Super Show. I came across a dealer in the commercial area selling folding ladder systems. I had looked at other brands before, but these were different.

Instead of funky, chintzy, and downright cheap hinges, these Little Giants from Wing were really strong and simple. Frankly, I was impressed.

We wandered the show for two more days. I talked about it with my wife several times. Finally, she told me to get one.

It cost about three times what a conventional ladder would have cost, but we got one. Fifteen years later, we still own it and I still use it. It is steady, doesn't wobble, and has a very solid feel when you're on it. It's an excellent quality tool.

For the first several years we owned it, we stored it in the back of our RV tow vehicle, out in the weather. Just a little wipe down with furniture polish and it functions perfectly.

I like that it has a solid, stable feel while I'm on it. Coleen likes the stability of it, too, because she tends to worry about me when I am climbing up on top of the RV or some building.

We don't have a ladder on our travel trailer. I need to get up on the roof fairly often to clean off our solar panels or do some other cleaning or maintenance. When I'm doing handyman jobs on the road, I like having my own ladder with me, one that I trust as being safe.

When we are at our home base, the fact that I can move it through narrow halls, up stairs, and around furniture folded, and then extend it and unfold where I need it is the handiest feature of the Little Giant.

This purchase seemed extravagant at first. But, I really like mine and use it often. In fact, now I own two Little Giants, so that I can have one in the RV and one at our home base.


Editor's note: My husband Bob Nilles wrote this article. He's a handyman and mechanic. He does a lot of maintenance and repairs, along with building things. He usually has multiple projects going, whether we are on the road RVing or at our sticks and bricks home base in Alaska.

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