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Locating Gas Stations

RVer Joan asks....
(Finding RV Friendly Fueling Stations)

How do you find gas stations? We are traveling to Myrtle Beach this summer with a travel trailer and a diesel pick up truck. We are looking for gas stations with easy access. Do you know if there is a map of some kind with that stuff on it?

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

Sometimes, it's a little hard finding a fuel stop with adequate room for a large RV. We always watch road signs advertising truck stops or travel centers. Look for Love's, Pilot/Flying J, Petro, Roady's, Speedway, TA/Travel America, and others.

If you would like to know in advance of hitting the road, you can get a variety of printed guides. These guides differ, but usually offer information about location, the different services offered, including RV fuel lanes, and dump stations available. Some have state maps and maps of how the station is orientated at the specified exit. Some directories we've seen are the National Trucker's Service Directory, The Trucker's Friend, Fuel Finder, The Next Exit, and The RVer's Friend. If you're traveling the Alaskan Highway or in Alaska, The Mile Post, is the most complete directory I've seen. There are a lot of others, some put out by the franchise, or chain, and only show their own stations. Many times these are free. Others are assembled with paid advertising, and omit stations that don't buy advertising.

You can find information about fuel stations many times at state welcome or information centers.

You can search online before you leave, or on your smart phone while on the road. You would search for "fuel stops", "travel centers," "truck stops," or the brand name of you favorite fuel. Online, you can find all about where the fuel station is located, what services are available, and even the current price for gasoline and diesel.

If you end up buying a printed directory, look at a few different ones and see which format you prefer. Make sure it has dump station locations and that you get the most current issue.

When you pull into the gas station, look ahead of you. You don't want to get yourself somewhere that you can't get out. Watch out for those overhead canopies, too.

I hope you have a wonderful time.

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Fuel Stops - Impressed with Flying J
by: Bob H

I am very impressed with the efforts by Flying J to accommodate the RV traveler. Their facilities have RV fuel lanes, bulk propane, and RV parking. They also have a fuel discount card that gives cash discounts at the pump.

Their website has a special section for RVers and a trip planning tool that lets you lay out a route from point A to point B with all Flying J and Pilot locations in between.

In their convenience store, you can pick up a copy of their free monthly magazine that contains the latest listing of all facilities.

The ability to accommodate RVs is largely a matter of available real estate. Flying J is much better in this regard than Pilot.

Locating Gas Stations
by: Anonymous

Go to Gas stations in the U.S.A. are listed there. Put the zip code in where you are looking for gas.

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