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Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant: A Port Isabel Favorite for Mexican Breakfast

Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant just took the number one spot on our list of Port Isabel places to eat. Tasty food, friendly and efficient service, can't-be-beat prices, generous servings, and clean.

Breakfast Flour Tortilla Taco at Los Cabos, Port Isabel, TexasBreakfast Flour Tortilla Taco at Los Cabos, Port Isabel, Texas

This is a local cafe. One of the things that stood out is that the customers are a mix of locals and winter Texans. A couple of police officers were there having breakfast this morning. Other customers came and went in vehicles with Port Isabel businesses advertised on them.

Service means a lot to us. Our waiter brought everything we ordered and needed. He checked frequently to make sure we had coffee. In between, the other server would offer refills if she was walking by our table.

I had a flour tortilla taco. Opened, the tortilla hung over all around the large dinner plate. It was stuffed with chorizo, potatoes, and eggs. Unexpectedly, it came with a dinner salad size portion of chopped lettuce and tomato on the side.

Chorizo is one of those things that I like when it is good. But, so often it seems, it is greasy, or tastes like it has been in the refrigerator too long, or has what we call "chewies" in it. So, I'm hesitant about ordering it in restaurants. Today's at Los Cabos? Fresh. Not greasy. No chewies. Excellent.

Bob had the American breakfast special. Two eggs, sausage, and a pancake. He pointed out the egg yolk -- cooked exactly to medium, partly soft and partially solidified. Unfortunately, he didn't rave about his sausage. It was okay, but he said it tasted like a precooked patty that was warmed up. Still, he insisted his breakfast was very good and gave it a four-and-a-half out of five rating.

As is typical of Mexican restaurants, there was a dish of table salsa. They served it warmed, so it didn't cool down our eggs when we used it. It had a smooth consistency. It reminded me of a red enchilada sauce. This sauce was flavorful, but not overly hot.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They're open seven days a week.

Some of the cafes in Port Isabel do not accept credit cards. Los Cabos does.

The restaurant is located across from the post office. There is some RV parking on the street. Your best parking bet may be on Maxim Street.

Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant - Seafood
309 Queen Isabella Blvd.
Port Isabel, Texas, 78578
Phone: 956-943-3777.

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