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Louisiana Ranks Among One of our Favorite States to Visit

Our Louisiana RV travels include Cajun country. On these pages, we share with you what we experienced, especially around Lafayette, LA. The state is rich in food, music, people, culture, and industry.

Lafayette, LA: Free Admission, Free Entertainment and Activities, and Free Wi-Fi In Lafayette, LA, free activities include learning about the Cajun culture at the Cultural Center, playing disc golf and other sports, enjoying the parks, shopping for local foods. Free Wi-Fi, too.

Acadiana Park, a Gem of a City Park Campground in Lafayette, LA Acadiana Park draws us in because of its calm and quietness. We first went to this city campground because it was easy to find and fairly inexpensive. We return because the RV park is peaceful, not crowded, and still the best deal in town.

Mel's Diner - A 24 Hour Lafayette Restaurant worth Repeat Visits Mel's Diner is good enough that we've been there three times in the two and a half weeks we've been in Lafayette. Considering how many good restaurants and places to eat there are here, that's saying a lot.

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