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Mail Service for Full-time RVing

Nancy W.
(What mail forwarding service do full-time RVers use?)

Can someone give us some information about the mail service you use while full-timing? We will be newbies very soon and need lots of information from you who are actively living the full-timing lifestyle. Thank you so much.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Nancy,

We've several services to handle our mail since we started full-timing back in 1992.

One was part of an RV club, and it was fine for basic, personal service. They could not handle mail for our business, however, so we needed to find a new service. It wasn't until after we changed mail services and consequently changed our state of residence, that we learned how expensive it had been. It wasn't that the club charged high rates for the service, but rather that we found being a resident of that state cost us more for insurance, licenses, and other fees. Changing our state of residence saved us several thousands of dollars a year!

We used a small, private mail service for a short while. We thought having a single person handle our mail might be nice, rather than having it go through a big organization. I liked the idea of personal service. Trouble was, when she was sick or on vacation, things came to a halt. Just because she went on a three-week vacation didn't necessarily mean I wanted to go three weeks without having my mail sent. By the way, RVers who rely on a friend or family member to handle their mail run into this same problem.

We also used a mailbox rental company out of Nevada for a short time. They sold the business. The news owners had difficulty communicating in English and that is the only language I speak and understand. What a mess. I'm not sure how they decided where to send our mail, but it certainly wasn't according to the directions I gave them. When I didn't receive the mail in a reasonable time, I followed up and found they had sent it to some place I'd never heard of before. Fortunately, that package of mail was returned to them. They eventually got it to us. But, I knew after that ordeal that I could never trust them.

We finally found the UPS Store on Main Street in Rapid City, SD. They've been handling our mail now for the past, gee, 15 or so years. They are wonderful. They are small enough to provide personal service, but big enough so that the service continues without interruption. They are used to working with RVers, are very accommodating, and it is easy to communicate with them. I trust them. I highly recommend them. And, we've found SD to be an RV friendly state.

Contact them and be sure to let them know that Coleen from Workers On Wheels sent you.
Here is the contact information:
The UPS Store 1884
3213 W Main St
Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: 605-342-7379
Toll Free 877-461-7361
Fax: 605-342-0554

Website for Rapid City UPS Store 1884

If you'd like to know more about what I think are the important things to look for when choosing a mail forwarding service to use while full-time RVing, you'll want to read the article I have posted on this website about it.

Coleen Recommends a SD Mail Forwarding Service: The UPS Store in Rapid City, SD

Some full-time RVers like using Florida as their home base and want a mail forwarding service there. I don't have experience with any mail forwarders there, but I have gathered information about a number of them. You'll find that article by clicking here.

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