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Make Friends

Mike C. a full-timer from Pigeon Forge
(Put Yourself Out There - A Method for Being Friendly)

Our Full Time Conversion Coach

Our Full Time Conversion Coach

This is how I make friends. I am a full timer and usually go to campsites that rent by the month. We went to a campground in June. I noticed my neighbor everyday sitting outside in the morning, drinking coffee and smoking by himself. He looked really unhappy and lonely.

One morning I grabbed my coffee and smokes and went out there.

I took the plunge and asked, "Do you mind company?"

He said to come on over. I met his wonderful Labrador dog, and we shot the breeze for a while and had our coffee. Come to find out, we had a lot in common. We had coffee and cigs (breakfast of dead champions) everyday. We both looked forward to it and never missed doing it. It gave us a break from the wives - lol. We stayed and extra month there just because of them.

Folks, we live in an isolationist society now. Kids don't play with each other. We don't go clubbing. It's gotten so if you're a social person people think you have leprosy. I refuse to change.

And I did it again in another campground, the one were in now. My neighbor would do the same and would run and retreat if anyone went by. I caught up with him and had coffee one day, and now, we have coffee together. Now, if I'm outside, my neighbor will come out and "play," -- says hi and chats.

I guess I look less threatening with a coffee cup in my hand and that symbolizes I'm in a chatting mood.

So setup a tray with coffee. Take your smokes, and walk over and say, "Would you like a cup of coffee?" If they like coffee, they will say yes and you have broken the ice. Make sure you do it more than once and you will get to know people and make friends. Also, guys, shake a person's hand, look them in the eye when you introduce yourself -- it makes a big difference.

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Great Advice Befriending the RV Neighbors
by: Mandi

This is probably the best advice I never expected. Just recently our landlord put in new spaces in front of our RV. Unfortunately, our RVs are facing each-other. It messes with the privacy issues. Well, I spend a lot of time outside, as well as my new neighbors. Instead of feeling like I was always spying on them I decided to introduce myself one morning. Went over, made a joke about us facing each other. Told her if we were going to be looking into each others front door every time we step out of our own I might as well introduce myself so we don't feel like stalkers. She laughed, and she met my daughter, and I introduced her to my two dogs so they would bark at her every time she was outside. She honestly loves being next to us. Says between my daughter and dogs, sitting out side reading a book and watching them jump around the yard is the entertainment of her day, says it's better than any cable she has ever had.

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