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Making Friends Everywhere You Go

Janice L. Evans, Spurger, TX
(Ideas to Help You be More Sociable While RVing)

There is an art to making friends, but when you are traveling from place to place, it is sometimes difficult to establish long term friendships. It can be done if you are willing to make the effort, and that is the kicker: are YOU willing to make the effort?

If you are a shy, secretive, introverted soul, with self esteem issues, you may find it very difficult, and very lonely to be out on the road, away from familiar friends and family. You may need to make twice the effort of an outgoing personality, but it can be done.

There is absolutely no need to stay holed up in your RV with no outside contact, unless that is what you choose to do. RV'ers can be the most friendly people you have ever met, if you are willing to put yourself out there.

Let's discuss a few ways to get out and about.

As we have traveled around the country, we find that numerous campgrounds and resorts serve breakfast at a nominal charge. Get yourself over there, it doesn't matter if you are uncomfortable, just go. Surely you can find something that you will like to nibble on, and then, as you are enjoying your meal, ask the folks next to you, "Where you guys from?" That is often a great conversation starter, but if not, ask, "Are ya just on vacation?"

Don't be obnoxious, people don't want to feel that you are trying to pry their innermost secrets out of them, and Lord knows, in this day and age, with all the crazies on the news every night, it is wise to be careful, but most folks are just as shy as you are, and would enjoy having an
interesting conversation.

Join in at pot lucks. I know, I know. I've heard all the horror stories about pot luck dinners. Get over it. Take something you like to eat, and if you are that picky, just eat that. No one is going to ask you why, and if they do, just say, "Medical issues, watching my cholesterol, whatever." The point is, to put yourself out there with other RV'ers, and to be friendly.

I am amazed by the stories I hear, or read on RVing forums about how no one wants to visit, all they want to do is sit in their RV, and watch their TV. I have never had a problem finding someone in an RV park to have a conversation with. I'm sure that being a public servant, and meeting different folks everyday, contributes to my outgoing, outspoken personality, but really, get over yourself already.

There are lonely, hurting folks out there, just waiting for you to reach out to them, and perhaps that is what you are meant to do.

Do I make friends everywhere I go? Pretty much. Do I stay in contact with them? Not always, but I do always make the effort. Making the effort is all that is required. Beyond that, it is their choice. You can not force anyone to make the time for you, all you can do is be available when they reach out.

If you are willing to make the effort, I can assure you, others are willing to meet you halfway.


About the author: Janice L. Evans is a vivacious full-time RVer. She blogs about the full-time RVing lifestyle on her website Ready to Go Full Time RVing.

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Comments for Making Friends Everywhere You Go

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Well Stated
by: Connie

You are right on, Janice. We love the pot lucks! Such a great way to meet the neighbors and break the ice. Also, we make small talk when out walking the dogs. They, too help start the conversations a lot of times.

We have met some really great people by just taking the time to just say, "Hello".

Connie Sims
Sims Land Yacht Stories

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