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Mel's Diner - A 24 Hour Lafayette Restaurant worth Repeat Visits

Mel's Diner is good enough that we've been there three times in the two and a half weeks we've been in Lafayette. Considering how many good restaurants and places to eat there are here, that's saying a lot.

The Hamburger Supreme at Mel's Diner

They serve breakfast 24 hours a day. Bob had the bacon, egg, and pancakes breakfast special -- just $2.99. Another time he had biscuits and gravy, with a side of sausage patties. He's a breakfast eater, and liked both meals. The pancakes were light and fluffy. He asked for crisp bacon, and that is how it was served. The sausage patties are flavorful, not spicy hot, but seasoned.

The menu says they have the "World's Best Biscuits." We think they are very good. But, alas, we think those at Hub City Diner, another Lafayette café, are better.

I give Mel's Diner a big plus for serving sandwiches and burgers 24 hours a day. Most times, I'd rather have something from the lunch menu in the morning rather than a traditional breakfast food.

Twice, I had the hamburger and fries. The third visit, I had the patty melt. Not very daring, I know. But the first time I was just hungry for a burger -- and Mel's are hand formed, not a pre-fabricated frozen patty. It was the best burger I'd had in months. The meat was browned up on the outside, so it had excellent flavor. It was served on a toasted bun, with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. The fries were hot and crisp. It was so good that I wanted a repeat performance the other times we went there. And Bob-the-breakfast-eater thought mine looked good enough to forgo the breakfast menu to have one, also.

We've yet to try the blue plate specials or dinners at Mel's. There's Catfish Monterey, a catfish dish with sauted onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes that sounds wonderfully tempting. Maybe next time.

Mel's Diner is about more than just the food. It is a gathering spot for locals. This morning, the waitress inquired about one of the regular customers. She said he normally comes in every day, but she hadn't seen him yesterday or today and she was worried about him. One of the other regular coffee drinkers knew of his whereabouts and confirmed he was ok and would be in today, but was just running late.

If your RV travels take you to Lafayette, I'd recommend eating at this cafe when you want a casual, home-town meal. We give it high marks on food, service, and for having reasonable prices.

Mel's Diner
2956 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: 337-235-6219

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