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Mexiquito Restaurant Satisfies RVers with Its Breakfast Specials

The Mexiquito Restaurant N Seafood Market attracts RVers with its bright green building and its breakfast specials. Winter Texans also go to this Port Isabel cafe for its all-you-can-eat shrimp and fish plates.

Mexiquito Breakfast Special

The picture shows the $2.99 breakfast special of the day. Two eggs, bacon, refried beans, hash brown potatoes, and tortillas.

They cater to Winter Texans in that they also offer a choice of biscuit or toast, instead of the tortilla. Bob opted for the biscuit. It was impressive. Golden in color. Not dry. He said it was "buttery."

The table salsa at Mexiquito's definitely has some kick to it. It is flavorful, not blazing. Still, unless you like things really hot and spicy, use it with a bit of caution. It took my egg and bean tortilla from so-so to really good!

I'm not sure where the "seafood market" comes into play. I didn't see any raw seafood on display for sale. Perhaps they keep it in a back cooler and you need to ask for it.

The restaurant used to be located on Garcia Street. It recently relocated to the Highway 100, the main street going through Port Isabel.

The Mexiquito Restaurant N Seafood Market
401 Hwy. 100, Port Isabel, TX 78578
Telephone 956-943-4600

We ate at the The Mexiquito Restaurant in early 2011.

Mexiquito Restaurant and Seafood Market

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