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Motorhome Renovations: There's a Glitch with "Our New Motorhome"

Motorhome renovations ... do they ever go as planned? We hit a snag. We haven't yet started on mechanical, body, or systems problems. There's another issue to be on the lookout for when buying a used RV. What else could go wrong? Bob's story continues below.

Our New Motorhome Chapter 3

We come back to our story of "Our New Motorhome" with her broken loose from the ice, with an engine that was running, and still stranded in the snow, far from a public roadway. My friend (from whom we are getting this RV) wanted to get a boat out from the same area, and to move the motorhome out to free up the space for parking another vehicle, so he arranged for the snow removal. As soon as the snow was moved, he fired up the old beast, drove her out, and parked her in front of his shop.

Now we were ready…a little paper work, a call to the insurance company, and down the road to her new home we'd go. Oops, he couldn't find the title. Not wanting to drive her without insurance, I left her sit in front of the shop. His wife would look for the title; surly she could find it with no trouble.

A week passed and still no title. My friend was getting ready to go down to Sitka, to ready his vessel for the upcoming commercial fishing season. He'd just go down to the DMV and get a copy of the title before he left.

Not so easy. He would have to get a Bonded Title. That would require an appraisal by a qualified appraiser, (a used recreational vehicle dealer). He would also need a bond for a percentage of the vehicle's value. With all the paperwork and applications in hand, he tried again. It gets dicey here. It seems that the two previous title transfers were also Bonded Titles. I didn't fully understand what needed to happen, but it wasn't going to happen that day. He'd keep working on it. The next Saturday I got a call, "Are you home? I'll be right over." Twenty minutes later, he pulled into the yard with "Our New Motorhome." Apparently, his wife was out; she wasn't there to tell him, "Don't drive the motorhome without insurance," so he snuck it over to our place.

Now, sitting in the corner of our yard, in eighteen inches of snow, with promises of continued work on the title, sits "Our New Motorhome."


Coleen, here, again.

Well, we knew this motorhome came with issues; we just didn't know lack of a title was one of them. At this point, in this situation, it isn't a major problem. However, it is something you need to consider when buying used. Is there a clean title to transfer over to you? Regardless of how good you are at general motorhome renovations such mechanical work, body repair, fixing the water or electrical systems, or carpentry, the lack of a clean title can hold up progress big time. Not that work couldn't continue, but what if the title never surfaces?

After reading Chapter 2 of this series on renovating an old motorhome, one of our keen readers wrote questioning the expenses. There was mention of renting a jack hammer to loosen the motorhome from the ice, but no expense was listed for that. The reason is that I'm only including our expenses. The guy we are getting the motorhome from paid for the jack hammer rental.

Our cost of the motorhome renovations remain at $172.24.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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