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Name that Campground with a Tower and Zipline

(Can you help this camper find her childhood campground?)

A campground with a tower in the middle of a man-made swimming lake and zipline.... Now just how many of those can there be out there? We're looking to find just one, a particular one that a reader remembers from her youth. Can you help?

Kristine writes, "I'm hoping your readers may be able to help, even if this isn't your normal sort of question.

When my brother and I were kids, our family went to a campground that had a man-made swimming "lake' with a tower in the middle and a zipline from the tower down to the water. The swimming area had other playground type equipment, all in the water as well.

I believe it was in Maryland or Pennsylvania. We lived in Virginia, and I'm pretty sure we left the state and went north.

For nostalgia, I'd love to find the place and take my brother and his family there if it's still open.

Do you think your readers might be able to help Name That Campground?"

So, RVers and campers, can you help Kristine? Where in the world, and what is the name of that campground with the tower and zipline to the water? Is it still open for business? Click the comment button below to reply.

Comments for Name that Campground with a Tower and Zipline

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Thanks and looking forward to answers!
by: Kristine

Thanks for posting my question, Coleen! I hope someone has some ideas.

Swimming Toll Line
by: Anonymous

It's called Kiesler's Campground on County Road 14.

Kiesler's MN Campground with Playground
by: Coleen

I didn't know where Kiesler's Campground was located, so I checked their website. It's in Minnesota. The photos show play ground equipment going into water, but it looks like a pool to me, rather than a lake. Their website does say the park has been around for 30 years or so.

Kristine, do you think this is the one you went to when you were a kid?

Kiesler's Campground
14360 W Hwy 14
Waseca, MN 56093
(507) 835-3179

Thanks, But I Don't Think So
by: Kristine

Hi Coleen and anonymous,

I don't think this is it; we didn't go this far west at that time. I'm pretty sure it had to be on the east coast.

I did look at the campground's website, but I didn't see anything resembling a zipline tower.

Thanks for trying!

Zip Line Locator
by: Coleen

I did a Google search for "campground zip line" and was surprised to find so many listings. One website that may be helpful is Besides providing all sorts of information about zip lines, they have a locator service, organized by state. Some of the listings indicate the zip lines are in camps or that they are in adventure parks with camping available.

Deja Vu!
by: Randal J

Wow - I lived in northern VA during my childhood, and for the life of me I can't remember the location of that campground either! It was a man-made lake, with a tower in the middle that you had to swim onto. There were 3-4 levels to climb up, and you had to pull the handlebars to the top with a LONG rope.

I'll get in touch with some folks that might know more about the park.

Exactly the Tower and Zipline Park
by: Anonymous

Hi Randal,

That sounds like it exactly. I look forward to anything you find out.


Me, Too!
by: Jim

Randal, that sounds like the one I need to find, also. I live in Virginia Beach and we took our kids there when they were small. My wife did all the planning, but she has passed and I don't remember the name of it. Please let me know if you found it.

Shenandoah Acres is the Name
by: wanda

Shenandoah Acres is the name of the resort. Look up the images... in Stuarts Draft, Virginia.

by: Anonymous

That's it, Wanda! Thank you so much!

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