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Meet NeeMo, our New RVing Dog: He's the New Pet Addition to our RVing Family

We got a new RVing dog: NeeMo. He's black with a white blase on his chest, and little gray around the muzzle and the legs. You get that way when you get a little older, and he is a little older. He has his peculiarities, but he should fit into our household well.

NeeMo's a laid-back dog. He's about 45 pounds. We think he's about ten years old. His previous master was in a position in life where he felt he could not provide proper accommodations and care for his dog anymore.

His master was visiting us more often than he would have regularly. He asked questions. He observed us and our property. He was checking us out. He wasn't just looking for someone to take his dog. He was scrutinizing how we lived, how we took care of each other, and how we took care of our other pets.

He was looking to see if we were good enough to take care of his dog.

In the end, we made the cut. We were chosen for the chance to care for his dog. What was left was for us to agree to the match. It was a good match and an easy decision. I'm proud that we were chosen, and happy to add a new member to our RVing family.


Coleen, the editor adds: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote the above article. He makes sure our RVing pets get plenty of love and attention, along with whatever else they need.

NeeMo (he came to us with that name) is new to RVing, but certainly isn't new to life. This is the first time we've adopted an older dog. He already has his habits and certain ways he likes to do things. But, he's also a smart dog, learning to fit into his new home.

He's going to make a good full-time RVing dog. He's a quiet fellow, an RVing asset that our campground neighbors are sure to appreciate. He does fine riding in vehicles. He'll eat most any food. He's gentle, allowing our cat to sleep on his bed. He loves to play outside with his ball. He's a happy camper.

NeeMo, our New RVing Dog

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