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New Shocks

(Fred asks...)

What new shocks would you get to improve the ride of the Fleetwood Bounder motorhome? We are planning to go full time RV'ing and want the best handling we can get with the Bounder. Thanks.

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Shocks No Miracle Cure
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

New shocks aren't a miracle cure for poor handling.

Better weight distribution may help. Load your motorhome the way you will for full-time RVing. If you plan to travel with a full fresh water tank or full holding tanks, fill them accordingly. Then, have it weighed. Get the weight for the entire rig. Then, weigh each quarter section. The weight should be balanced. You may need to move where you store things or rethink which tanks will be full or empty when you travel.

When we have large storage bins, it is easy to pack them full of heavy things. It is awfully easy to get off balance and have one corner of the rig considerably heavier than the others. Those large, full storage areas also lead to another factor that could be affecting how your motorhome handles.

Overloading will also affect handling. Do you know your Bounder's net cargo carrying capacity? Some RVs don't allow you to put much in before you are over limit. You likely find your rig's CCC listed on a label inside a cupboard door.

Be sure you are running on the correct tire pressure.

Unfortunately, the way some motorhomes are built, they never will handle very well.

by: Mike Rehmus

I find Koni shocks to be the best available.

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