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Nomads: RVing Fiction with a Dose of Politics (Book Review)

Nomads is a fictitious book where the main characters are RVers. It is not a book about RVing. I’d describe it more as a book about preppers, survivalists, and extreme activism. The book is politically charged, and filled with violence. Keep in mind that it is fiction.

Nomads – A Book to Provoke You and Elicit Your Emotions

Most of the books I read about RVers are also about RVing. That’s not the case with Nomads. Sam and Shirley are snowbirds who winter in the south and head north in the summer. Ken and Betty live in their RV, and are working as security guards. But, the men’s military history and their political beliefs are more fundamental to the story than their RV life and travels.

Your reaction to Nomads will depend on your political views. You may agree with the main characters that the country is in trouble. You may find yourself shaking your head in disbelief, a sense of anger growing inside you.

The RVing couples in Nomads aren’t out to visit national parks and see the sights. They haven’t set up camp near a lake to do a little fishing. You won’t find them at happy hour discussing whether or not it’s necessary to buy a special kind of RV toilet paper. They don’t spend evenings around the campfire making s’mores.

No. The RVers in Nomads are not motivated by beautiful scenery, fun and relaxation, hobbies, or chatting with other RVers. Instead, it is their political beliefs and fear of the future that drive the activities of the RVing couples.

They get into some dicey adventures. Life threatening adventures, in fact. The kind of adventures that have gore, guts, and bloodshed.

Sam and Shirley and Ken and Betty have missions and motives. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I will leave it at that. You’ll need to read this book of RVer fiction to find out just what they are up to and how it all turns out for them.

Nomads, by Charles Brobst, is fiction. Although a work of fiction, many of the stories will ring a bell of familiarity.

You can find Nomads, by Charles Brobst, at Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback editions.

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