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Oil Field Gate Security Booming

Tina Starkey
(Working a Paying Job While Full-time RV Living)

We have just started working in Texas as an oil field gate security gate team. We sign vehicles in and out of a ranch that has one or more oil wells and/or drilling sites. I'm writing this because it took me quite awhile to find out how to get into this business and thought we could help others.

The company we are working for has started us at $150.00 dollar a day or about $4,500 a month. You must be a team of two, as this is a 24 hour position, so one of you must be at the gate at all times. We intend to do this for five or six months, then take two months off and back again for another hitch. The owner of the company was the one that suggested this work schedule. Figure we will need a break after being in the middle of no where for six months.

The owner also asked if we knew any other RVers that might be interested in working as oil field security gate guards. As they are overwhelmed with jobs, your employment would be almost immediate. You must have a clean criminal background history. You will take an open book test on the details of your responsibilities, get finger printed, and then you're off to the job site.

I'm asking that, if you are interested, to contact me by email for further contact information.

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Texas Gate Guards

Would like more info on these jobs. Wife and I want to give it a try.

Coleen, the RVing editor, replies:

We have more info on our Worker On Wheels website about working as a security gate guard in the oil field. Once you are on that website, look just below the page title, "Work for RVers and Campers: Employment, Campground Jobs, Volunteer Positions, and RV Businesses" and you'll see an on-site, custom search box. Put "gate" in that search engine box and click, and it should bring you up several pages of relevant information. Some of the pages may be from oil field services companies that are currently hiring guards. Some may be from RVers who are (or who have in the past) worked as security guards. And, some may be general information about the companies that hire guards. Click here to go to the Workers On Wheels website.

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