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Pelicans Watching the Fisherman at Park Center RV Park, Port Isabel, Texas

Pelicans hang around the beach waiting for fisherman to clean their catch and throw the carcasses into the water. I captured these shots at the docks at the Park Center RV Park in Port Isabel, TX.

We were walking on the docks and there were only a couple of the birds in view. A man with a bucket of fish walked over to the fish cleaning table. Swoosh. The pelicans swarmed in to wait for their treats.

Pelicans at Park Center RV ParkPelicans at Park Center RV Park Waiting for Treats

At another fish cleaning station, they came up even closer. They were a downright nuisance as the men were trying to clean their fish.

Pelicans at Port IsabelNow Serving Fresh Fish Dinner to these Pelicans

The birds were busy watching the fisherman and trying to catch the scraps being thrown into the water. They didn't pay any attention to us watching them.

Pelicans i Port IsabelThese Pelicans in Port Isabel Didn't Pay any Attention to Us

These pelicans seem to know there will soon be food for them near the docks. Not only fish cleanings, but shrimp and by-catch, too. When the shrimpers come in, they cull their catch, and the pelicans enjoy those, too.

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