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Picture Frame

(Suzanne asks....)

What is good to use for picture framing in an RV? My father is now a full time RV-er and I have a portrait of his granddaughter for him. I am not sure what type of frame to get him since he'll be traveling and living in the RV full-time now. What do you suggest? Thanks!

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

Hi Suzanne,

Weight is usually a major consideration. Look for something that is lightweight.

Size is likely another factor. RVs usually don't have large amounts of empty wall space. A smaller frame is probably better.

I guess I assumed it would be a picture he'd hang on the wall, and not one that would sit on an end table. I'd definitely suggest one that hangs on the wall. A wall mounted picture frame can be secured with a bit of sticky tack so that it stays up during travel. It is more likely that one that sits on a table would need to be moved each time he takes off with the RV and then again each time he sets up camp, and that gets to be a hassle.

Another consideration is, What does he like?

There are lightweight plastic and metal frames, but if he doesn't like them, you'd be better with something else.

I'd suggest a simple wood frame. Something with a narrow trim. I'd also look for a style that fits close against a wall. You might also look for one that has a Plexiglas front instead of glass, so if it does fall, it is less likely to shatter.

And, if I know grandfathers, he's going to love that gift, regardless of the picture frame!

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Comments for Picture Frame

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Ideal RV Picture Frame - Digital
by: Gypsy Jane

For Christmas a few years back, my kids got me a digital picture frame. It hangs in the dinette between the upper cabinet doors and shows a slide show of my favorite pictures. It will hold many more than I have in there. I have physical pictures in storage because I have no more wall space, but I will always have room for digital pictures.

Thin Plastic "Glass"
by: Kris

When my father went RV-ing fulltime, he put a bunch of pictures on one small wall and put a sheet of plastic over them.

Picture Frames
by: Nancy

I have lots of mirrors in our RV and I use those spaces to put up my pictures. The frames are wood or metal and I secure them with high grade Velcro. No need to remove when we travel. Also, while at a craft fair, someone had paper thin plastic frames that the picture sticks to and then you put it on any surface you want (wall, refrig, etc.) and it is like a peel and stick decal so can be removed anytime. I don't have the company that was selling them, but maybe they can be found on the internet.

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