While most people view camping as a bonding experience, you will find that it can also be a great time to spend alone. It gives you time to escape your everyday life and practice mindfulness as you relax and connect with nature. Below are some tips for when you are camping alone.

1. Work your way up to going solo

There is an adage that practice makes perfect. This is true when it comes to camping solo. You do not want your first solo adventure to be deep in the wilderness. 

You should consider first camping with a group of friends before going at it alone. And when you do go camping alone, it is important that you start by camping in a friendly place.

2. Be confident

To go camping solo, it is important that you feel confident about your camping skills. While you know the basics of camping, it is essential that you master a higher skill level before you decide to go camping alone.

3. Go for more than a day or two

Camping alone is uncomfortable. Your brain will easily trick you to worry about a whole lot of things. If you only give yourself a day or two, you will not reach the desired level of enjoyment. You should allow yourself more time to adapt to this new experience so that you can enjoy the feeling.

4. Learn how to keep your mind calm

One of the biggest challenges of solo camping for most people is being alone in the woods. It can get especially scary at night. It is important that you train your mind to stay calm and realize that everything will be okay.

5. Light loads

It is also important to be mindful of what you pack because you only have yourself to pack in and out. It is important to be realistic with what you pack. Just bring what you need for yourself.

6. Share your plans with someone

Before leaving for your solo camping trip, it is advisable that you share your plans with someone that you trust. If anything were to go wrong, knowing that there is someone out there who will send help is such a big relief. 

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