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Portable Generators

(a reader asks...)

My dilemma is rather to use small portable generator(s) such as Honda or Yamaha 2000 in combination, or purchase one larger generator. Used to power a 8ft. camper. No air conditioner, yet. Basically not much extra, but may be down the road.

Also, the hybrids are new. Any word if they are worth the price?

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Recommend a Honda 2000
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

We have a Honda 2000 that we like. It's lightweight enough to actually be portable. It has enough oomph to do anything we've needed it to do. As generators go, it is reasonably quiet. If we were to get another generator, we'd probably get another Honda 2000.

That said, I'm a big fan of solar power and think generator use should be limited to emergencies or times when you have no neighbors around.

As for the hybrids, maybe someone with experience with them will join in the discussion.

Honda EU 2000
by: Anonymous

I have two Honda EU2000 generators, just because they are easier to lift around than one big generator. It's nice if you can leave your big generator in the truck, but sometime you can't.

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