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Prescriptions on the Road

(a future RVer asks...)

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get prescriptions on the road, especially since they are all filled on different dates, and my insurance won't fill 90 day prescriptions. Suggestions?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Filling Medical Prescriptions

You'll need to consider the types of medicines you take, how you handle your mail, and your travel plans.

One suggestion is to use a mail order pharmacy. If your medications don't require refrigeration, you might have them mailed to your permanent address. They can then be sent to you with your regular mail. You'll need to order your Rx in plenty of time for it to be filled and shipped, and if necessary, re mailed to you, before your current supply runs out. Once you get on a schedule, though, that shouldn't be difficult. Some have reminder services and automatic refill services.

Both online and traditional pharmacies mail prescriptions. One online pharmacy is, but there are many others. Verify that the one you choose is registered and licensed to dispense and ship prescription medications. If you order online, see that the pharmacy you choose is certified through VIPPS, the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site program administered by the National Association of Boards of pharmacy.

If you take insulin or other medications that requires refrigeration, you'd likely need to have them sent to a local address. Time management on this could be tricky. Unless you know you will be somewhere for at least a couple weeks, it may be better to get medications requiring refrigeration in person.

Another option is to use a pharmacy with branches nation-wide, or at least popular in the states where you travel. Once your medical history and prescriptions are on file with one branch, it should be easy enough to get them refilled at a store in another location. Your larger drugstores such as Walgreens might be a good option, or possibly a big box retailer.

It is also possible to have prescriptions transferred from one pharmacy to another. Plan on it taking some time when you do this. Keep in mind time zone differences.

You may also find it works to use a combination of getting your prescriptions filled in person and using that pharmacy's mail order program. For instance, once you have filled your prescription at Costco, it can then be transferred to their online, mail out program.

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Prescriptions On the Road
by: Anonymous

I use CVS pharmacies and have not run into any problems. I use ambien which is a controlled substance and my doctor knows we tavel fulltime so they know when they get a call from a different state that I have moved on again.

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