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Preventing Generator Theft

(New York)

This concerns preventing generator theft. We are in the process of buying two 2000 watt Honda generators. My question is, How do you keep them from being stolen? We have a 27 foot 5th wheel.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

When we are using our generator, we run a chain through the carrying handle and then around the bumper. That gets locked with a substantial padlock.

When we aren't using our generator, it is locked inside and out of sight.

Since your generators are new, you probably don't want to get them scratched. You may want to use a high-test vinyl covered cable instead of a chain. You can probably pick up one of the cables at Lowe's or Home Depot in the padlock section of the store.

Honda generators are quality products. We are very satisfied with ours. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.

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Generator Carrier
by: tom jones

I made a cargo-carrier specially sized for the Honda 2000's. I used two 1 1/2 hitch attachments and bolted them onto the rear bumper of my 5th wheel. With the two attachments, you don't get the constant wobble you get with one central hitch attachment.

Stop Generator Theft
by: Benjamin Ganschow

Our company, ENAiKOON, has developed a technology to monitor your generators and has a 95% success rate in stolen equipment recovery. We have a system where a GPS device is hidden inside your generators CEE-plug or the high-energy socket in your generator. Please visit to find out more information.

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