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Restaurants in Galveston, Texas: Local Seafood, Cajun, and More

Restaurants in Galveston, Texas, offer RVers and vacationers a mix of local seafood, Cajun gumbo, barbeque, Asian, Italian, Mexican, German, and more with cafes, fast food, and upscale eateries. If that makes Galveston Island look like a diner's paradise, it is because it is.

Restaurants in Galveston, Texas

Here are some of the restaurants in Galveston that we patronized or have heard especially good things about:

Mario's Ristorante
2202 61st St
Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: 409-744-2975

Mario's Ristorante -- the one eatery in Galveston that choose to go back to again and again. Everything about it rated well. We went for the weekday lunch buffet. The waitress said we had to try the seafood bisque. It was divine -- a rich, creamy, cheesy thick-but-not-pasty soup, with real crab, shrimp, surimi, and crayfish. I wouldn't swear to it, but I think it also had bits of lobster. If I'd had nothing more than a bowl of the bisque, I'd have left a happy camper. But, there was more -- lots more. A salad bar with fresh fruit, pasta salads, greens and other salad vegetables, toppings, and side dishes. A pizza bar. The main buffet featured eggplant parmigiana; Bob and I agreed it was the best eggplant we'd ever eaten. The buffet food was fresh, with the cold items cold and the hot items hot. And, there was a dessert case. Service was friendly and efficient. Prices are the best we've found on the island. They have a convenient parking lot. Mario's has two other locations: Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant and Mario's Pizza.


Miller's Seawall Grill
1824 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409) 763-8777

Miller's Seawall Grill, also called Miller's Landing, serves fresh seafood. The shrimp and grits were…can grits be described as "exquisite?" The grits were creamy and oozing with gouda cheese, flavorful in a delicate way, topped on one side with carmalized mushrooms and onions. And on the other side of the bowl, sat a mound of fresh, sweet, slightly spiced, perfectly cooked, plump shrimp. We dined at Miller's Seawall Grill mid-afternoon on a Sunday. The place was packed, with a 20 - 30 minute wait for a table. While they serve fish and oysters, and burgers, we chose three shrimp dishes. We started with Shrimp Galvez, an appetizer of shrimp sauted in a Spanish sauce. Delish! The shrimp gumbo was good, though contrary to how the menu described it, was only mildly spicy, and the sausage was diced into teeny bits. And the shrimp and grits -- the star of the meal. But, then, our waiter described the peach cobbler: a boat filled with a split biscuit, topped with glazed peach slices, covered with a butter and brown sugar crumble, and baked until the crumbles started turning into a chewy toffee. Then, they covered the cobble with a rich, warm, maybe-rum, sauce, and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzles. Plan to share or bring home leftovers. Miller's Seawall Grill has off-street parking for cars, but we parked our motorhome on the street in front.


Bronco Burritos
4917 Broadway Avenue J
Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: (409) 762-9344

Bronco Burritos serves up excellent burritos for breakfast and lunch. The most popular seems to be its namesake, the Bronco—and for good reason. The Bronco is stuffed with eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, refried beans, and chorizo. The pork chop breakfasts and the tamales are two more specialties. The tortillas are freshly made, and oh-so-good. I’ve heard people go there just for the hot sauce, and I can believe it! This is an order-at-the-counter place, but service is good. Prices are very reasonable. We found adequate RV parking along a side street about a block away. Bronco Burritos is one of many Mexican restaurants on Broadway Avenue J.


Nate's Westend Seafood & Steaks
(alternately known as Nate’s West End)
17515 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd
Galveston, TX 77554
Phone: (409) 737-9530

Nate's Westend Seafood & Steaks serves wonderful hamburgers and fries. That said, we’ve had gumbo, po’ boys, shrimp, and oysters at Nate’s and they were wonderful, too. The lunch specials fall into the “home-cooked” category, such as fried pork chops and hamburger steak. It is bar, as well as a restaurant, a loud, lively place; not somewhere you go to visit over a quiet lunch. Considering this is Galveston Island, the prices are great. The Seven Seas Grocery store is next door, handy if you are staying at one of the many RV parks out on the island. RV parking is down the alley a bit.


Catfish Station
6105 Stewart Rd.
Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: (409) 632-7730

Catfish Station…fast food in a strip mall…how good could it be? Turns out it was very, very good! It was some of the best blackened catfish we’ve had in years. The fried shrimp were good, too. The employees were friendly. Prices are reasonable. There’s plenty of parking for large RVs.


Cafe Michael Burger


Shrimp N Stuff Restaurant


Kitty's Purple Cow -- Surfside Beach, Texas


Pizza Pirates
located at Galveston Island RV Resort
23700 San Luis Pass Rd.
Galveston, TX 77554
Phone: (409) 200-2745

Pizza Pirates is the onsite food wagon at Galveston Island RV Resort. The pizzas are huge, with generous toppings. Days and hours are limited, as is the menu, and vary with the time of year. When staying at the resort, it is super convenient to get a Friday night pizza, without having to leave the park. As for RV parking…well, it is a full-service RV resort with excellent ratings.


Cajun Greek
2226 61st St
Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: 409-744-7041

Cajun Greek is popular with locals. Before you order the Crabber's Seafood Soup, ask if they have crab; the day we went, they were out, but "forgot" to tell us when we ordered. The soup broth was hot and spicy, loaded with squid rings, celery, potatoes, carrots, and slices of sweet corn on the cob. It was topped with oysters and shrimp. If it had had the namesake crab, it would have been impressive. The blackened catfish po-boy was okay. The Cajun dirty rice that came with the bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer was the best part of the meal. We found adequate parking for our 24-foot motorhome in the Cajun Greek back parking lot, though it was a Sunday afternoon, when businesses who share the parking lot were closed.


Seahorse Grill
3802 Cove View Blvd
Galveston, TX 77554
Phone: (409) 741-8400

Seahorse Grill offers table service, as well as counter service and take-out. We started our lunch with the shrimp jammers--deep fried shrimp with a cheese and jalapeno stuffing. They were served hot and fried to perfection, but disappointingly, that they were not presented on a tortilla and garnished, as shown in the table-tent pictures. The catfish tacos tasted fresh, as did the hand-pressed hamburger. Located in a busy west end strip mall, we had just room to park our small motorhome.


The Gumbo Diner
3602 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409) 762-3232

Named “The Gumbo Diner,” we thought we’d better try the gumbo. It comes in two sizes, and the “small” that we ordered was a large bowl. We split it and an oyster plate for a satisfying lunch. There’s large parking lot behind the cafe, making it very RV friendly.


Rudy & Paco Restaurant and Bar
2028 Post Office St
Galveston, TX 77550 
Phone: 409-762-3696

Rudy & Paco Restaurant and Bar is steak and seafood with a South and Central American influence. The food was excellent, though very expensive. Atmosphere is white tablecloth, with business or nicer dress for lunch, and a dress code for dinner. Paid street parking is available nearby.


Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant
628 Seawall Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409) 763-1693

Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant, Mario's Pizza, and Mario's Ristorante are three very different eateries in Galveston. (See our review of Mario's Ristorante, higher up on this page.) The atmosphere, food, and service varies greatly from one to the other. We didn’t know that, and went for lunch at Mario's Seawall Italian Restaurant, expecting it to be similar to Mario's Ristorante—it wasn’t. There’s a parking lot across the street that may have room for small RVs.

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