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Restaurants in Georgia: RVing and Eating Our Way through Georgia

Restaurants in Georgia. Down-home southern cooking! BBQ. Catfish buffets. Local, mom and pop cafes. Truck stops and diners. Soul food and seafood. RVing across Georgia is a foodies dream! A big part of our RVing experience is sampling new foods, trying regional specialties, and feasting on local favorites.

Restaurants in Georgia

These are some of the restaurants in Georgia where we have eaten.

Main Hua Chinese Restaurant
255 East Monroe Ave.
Ashburn, GA 31714
Ph: 229-567-9069

We first went to Main Hua Chinese Restaurant back in 1995. We went there so often, in fact, that we ate our completely through the menu -- each time trying something new, until we had ordered each entrée at least once. We returned to Ashburn this fall, wondering if they would still be open and if it would still be the same owner. Yes! The owner is still there, working diligently to provide good food and good service. The restaurant has expanded, and now offers a Chinese buffet for lunch. It's a bargain. You'll find Main Hua in a small strip mall, sharing a large, RV friendly parking with the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

- - - -

Rancho Grande of Fitzgerald
708 S Grant St #3
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 423-2323

The lunch buffet at the Rancho Grande of Fitzgerald surpassed our expectations! More than a few basics, it included specialty items, too. We were happy to find the food closer to authentic Mexican than what is often served in Mexican restaurants in the U.S.A. Rancho Grande is busy with a lunch rush. If you are in a large RV, plan to arrive before or after the peak lunch and dinner hours, and parking should be fine.

- - - -

Esparza's Mexican Restaurant
611 N Irwin Ave
Ocilla, GA 31774
Phone: (229) 468-7037

Esparza's Mexican Restaurant is a small town Mexican restaurant, with excellent food and service. The atmosphere is jovial, with customers and staff visiting and having a good time. I highly recommend the chile relleno. Esparza's Mexican Restaurant is located in a strip mall, with adequate parking for RVers.

- - - -

Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant
1005 8th St.
Tifton, GA 31794
Phone: (229) 387-0790

Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant serves delicious Mexican food. Service is friendly and efficient. Atmosphere is quiet and pleasant. Prices are very reasonable. The lunch specials are downright inexpensive! My chile relleno came with a ground beef and cheese sauce on top, and a generous side of guacamole. Even the rice is flavorful! Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant is RV friendly, with plenty of parking.

- - - -

Morehead's Country Store

1962 GA Highway 32 W
Ocilla, Georgia 31774
Phone: (229) 831-5557
Physical Location: Irwinville, Georgia

Morehead's Country Store has a hot food bar. Some folks refer to it as a buffet or a buffet bar, but it is not a serve yourself, eat all you want buffet. You select from whatever meats and side dishes are available when you are there, telling the clerk what you'd like, and she dishes it up for you. It seems most meals are to-go. However, they have long rows of community tables, if you want to stay and eat there. Breakfast is best early; get the brown link sausage! The fried oysters on the Friday night seafood "buffet" are some of the best I've ever eaten. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We're becoming regulars at Morehead's Country Store! There's plenty of room for RV parking.

- - - -

Charles Seafood Restaurant
701 7th St W
Tifton, GA 31794
Phone: (229) 382-9696

Charles Seafood Restaurant was serving up delicious seafood when we first RVed in the Tifton area over two decades ago. We looked forward to going back -- and we were not disappointed. Fried alligator, scallops, stuffed shrimp, and fried oysters…that was on our first visit back, and all were excellent. Meals come with plates of pickles and raw onion, if you ask for them. Service is good. Charles Seafood Restaurant is a lunch place -- closes early. There's RV parking nearby.

- - - -

Ole Times Country Buffet
718 W. 7th St.
Tifton, GA 31794
Phone: (229) 388-1601

Ole Times Country Buffet is a large buffet, full of southern comfort foods and favorites. We were there on the early side of lunch, and the food was very fresh. They continually restocked. If you are new to southern foods, this would be an excellent way to sample a wide variety of the regions popular meats, vegetables, and desserts. Ole Times Country Buffet has a large parking lot, suitable even for trucks pulling trailers.

- - - -

Little Caesars Pizza
214 18th Street East,
Tifton, GA 31794
Phone: (229) 256-2983

The Little Caesars Pizza Hot-N-Ready pizza has become our staple for when we want a cheap pizza, quickly. What's more, the quality is better than many of the expensive pizzas we've bought at other pizza places. This particular Little Caesars came through as expected. If you are in an RV, consider parking in the Walmart next door -- after all, if you are like many RVers, you'll want to do some shopping there anyway.

- - - -

Captain D's
1307 Highway 82 W
Tifton, GA 31793
Phone: (229) 386-0770

Captain D's is our "go to" place for inexpensive fried fish in Georgia. Make no mistake -- it's fast food, order at the counter, with plastic silverware. But when you want a cheap meal, with fish or shrimp, it's the place. We also like the stuffed crab shells and chicken tenders at Captain D's. RV parking is iffy.

- - - -

208 E 20th St
Tifton, GA 31794
Phone: (229) 386-9280

A Wendy's Chocolate Frosty always hits the spot after a day of running errands. This Wendy's is in the same building as the Shell gas station, so while there isn't an abundance of RV parking, you can run in for a quick treat while refueling.

- - - -

Denny's Restaurant #2325
Located at the Flying J
1125 Bucksnort Rd
Jackson, GA 30233
Phone: (770) 775-6670

Denny's Restaurant #2325 has the standard Denny's menu. It's convenient if you stop at the Flying J for fuel or other services. Although at a Flying J travel center, parking was crowded, even for our small motorhome.

- - - -

TA Atlanta South, GA #100
Family Restaurant
122 Truckstop Way
Jackson, GA, 30233-0967
Ph: 770-775-2076

"Family Restaurant" is on the sign outside the TA Atlanta South, GA #100 TA Petro. Menu service may be available, but the wait staff strongly encourages the buffet. The TA Petro is at the exit with two other truck stops. There's plenty of RV parking in the area.

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