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Rig for New RVers

(Wendy asks)

Which is preferable for first-timers? We have narrowed our search for our first RV to a 2001 Georgie Boy 3515 Cruise Master and a 2003 Winnebago Brave 34D. We would really appreciate any input from experienced RVers as to which one may be more reliable, etc. Thank you!

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Rig Choices
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Both of those RV brands are reputable. I don't have first hand experience with either of the particular models. Maybe some of our readers will join in and share their experience.

I can tell you, though, that much of what makes a rig right for you will be different than what makes it right for someone else. Which one do you like better?

The cargo carrying capacity is something that is important to us. Do you know the CCC of the Georgie Boy and Winnebago you are looking at?

About Rig for New RVers
by: Anonymous

Just wondered about the motor homes? If you are pulling something along? In case you want to go sight seeing, many do not have places to park.

True, motorhomes have lots more storage room.

But with our life style, (full timers) we have a 5th wheel. We are also workcampers, but love to go sight seeing, in which we can use our pick-up truck and leave camper behind. And our fuel mileage (diesel) 24 mpg is much better then a motor home!

Just my opinion.

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