Whether your RV is a motorized RV or a truck that is towing a trailer, it is important that it is ready for summer. Hot summer temperatures can be rough to a vehicle’s cooling system, tires, and even transmission.  

If you are not well prepared for the summer temperatures, you might not make it to your destination. Some of the things that you should do include;

1. Checking your fluid levels

It is important that you check your vehicle’s fluid levels and make sure that all the service intervals for the RV are followed. It is important to note here that high temperatures, like the ones experienced during summer, subject axles and transmission to abnormal heat. 

This makes transmission fluid and used oil lose their lubricating qualities quickly. You have to check and change the oil.

2. Maintenance of RV air conditioner

Your vehicle is designed to prevent the engine from overheating. It is important that you take the time to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system from rust, corrosion, and any build-up occurring in the radiator to prevent an overheated engine. 

You can always use soft or bristle hoses to indicate potential problems.

3. Vehicle and  RV batteries

Lead-acid battery life decreases as temperatures increase. Heat is a battery’s enemy because it contributes to battery corrosion and makes water evaporate from the electrolyte. To save the batteries, it is important that you check water levels and add distilled water from time to time.

4. Take advantage of the shade

It is advisable that you take advantage of any available shade by parking your RV strategically.  When you check in to a campground, always ask for a shady site for your RV.

5. Air Conditioner

You should keep you’re A/C filters clean to improve the efficiency of your air conditioners. You should wash the filters in warm, soapy water and then rinse them thoroughly before allowing them to dry.

6. Refrigerator efficiency

It is important to note that the refrigerator of your RV is affected by outside temperatures. To ensure that the refrigerator works efficiently during summer, always park the RV with the refrigerator on the side of the available shade. 

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