After you buy your RV, you will probably want to add up some upgrades and a personal touch. In the sections below, let us look at some simple upgrades for your RV.

1. Consider LED lights

LED lighting looks nice and is efficient. It can save you battery power since it uses fewer amps than fluorescent and incandescent lights. Both interior and exterior lights can be replaced with LED lights.

2. Change your storage

You will not have much storage when you are RVing. The best way to remodel your RV interior and make more room is to set up vertical storage. This way, shelves become easy to install and you can always have more of them.

3. Digital TV

You do not have to forget about the niceties of the home simply because you have decided to change your life to RVing. You should boost your RV’s antenna reception with a digital TV signal booster.

4. Mount your TV on the Wall

Now that you are getting many channels, you should save space on your RV by upgrading to a TV wall mount.

5. Have Surveillance

Your RV is definitely a huge investment and it is advisable that you protect it by installing cameras and a good surveillance system.


6. Wi-Fi

You want to stay connected when you are traveling in your RV. This is why it is important that you invest in portable Wi-Fi to ensure that you have an internet connection at all times.

7. Get showerheads

It is advisable that you invest in a good shower so that you can have a hot shower in the morning and make your traveling so much more refreshing.

8. Do some painting

You should consider repainting the interior walls of your RV and giving them the color of your liking.

9. Get covers for your seats

You should use oilcloth coverings or laminated fabric to protect your cushions. This will also bring out a new style. You can try to ensure that the seat covers match your furniture and the color of your interiors.

10. Switch your flooring

It is upon you to choose the flooring that suits your needs and meets your budget. You will find that some flooring is low cost and easy to install while others are on the higher end.

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