Summer is great for hitting the road with your Rv. You should not the hot temperatures stop you. Nevertheless, it is important that you learn how to cool your RV during these times. You should not turn your RV into a very hot spot.

1. Look for parking with shade

This is the easiest tip for keeping your RV cool during summer. You should look for shade for your RV during the afternoons when there are high temperatures.

2. Find a way to make shade

If there are no trees nearby to provide you with shade, you can create shade. You can do this by tying a tarp on the side and then attaching it to the top of your RV. This will create for you a shade where you can park your RV.

3. Follow the trend

It is important that you respond to the prevailing wind conditions. You can easily bring air into your RV by orienting the setting of your RV so that the air breeze flows in freely.

4. Get a fan

You can keep your RV cool on a budget by getting a portable fan.

5. Do something about your windows

You should use insulated window covers to block out the heat. Remember that glass is not good at insulating and you will have to cover it to improve the insulation of your RV.

6. Remember to shut your windows

You can open your windows to let the cool breeze in the late hours. However, you should always remember to shut them in the morning.

7. Keep your cooling system efficient

If you have a cooling system, you should maintain it properly by making sure that all the filters are clean so that they can run efficiently at all times.

8. Cover your skylights

It is important to remember that skylights attract heat and they should be covered using insulating covers.

9. Increase ventilation

You should install roof vents to increase the current ventilation of your RV. You can also use a vent cover on both ends of your RV to introduce cross-ventilation.  

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