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RV Air Quality Concern

RV Life and Travel Reader Bill writes...
(RV Construction Materials Affecting the Air)

I'm writing about the air quality inside the RV. I'm concerned about the chemicals that may provide smells, (i.e. formaldehyde) and perhaps present danger to overall health, due to construction materials used in RV construction.

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

Bill, I'll tell you right off the bat, I'm not an expert on the subject. The initial smell in a new RV wouldn't give me any health concerns, unless I had a particular sensitivity, allergy, or respiratory problem.

I'm under the impression that after a month or two, the smells are just smells. The volatiles in the glues and other materials off-gas the dangerous chemicals and dissipate rapidly after the unit is built.

There are increasingly stringent regulations on most of these chemicals to protect the people that breathe the full strength vapors five days a week while they are building the units. If the builders can breathe the fresh vapors, all day, every day at work, I would think you and I could safely breathe the lingering odors.

I am not aware of a "Green RV," or greener RV, manufacturer. If there were a market for them, I would think someone would grasp the opportunity. You could do an online search for "green RV's."

If the smell bothers you, you could look for a lightly used RV that was a year or two old. The unit would have had time to air out, the first owners could deal with all the little new vehicle problems all the RV's seem to have, and you would miss the initial big first year depreciation of new vehicles. Sometimes warranties are even transferable to the second owner.

I hope this helps you.

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