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Brandon, who works at an RV dealership, writes....
(What Do You Want On an RV Dealership Website?)

I actually work for an RV dealership in Florida, Florida Outdoors RV. I was wondering what you, as an RV consumer, look for when pursuing an RV dealership website, when looking for information on a RV. As a dealership, we want to reach our customers in the quickest way possible. Thanks for you input!

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

We usually own two RVs, and currently own three, but are always looking. If we find something interesting that might fit our wants or needs, we might just need another. That being said, price has a lot to do with our decision to buy.

When a certain RV shown on the dealer website has a note saying to, "Call for Price," or otherwise doesn't list the price, I have to wonder. I wonder if this particular RV needs to be sold, instead of being able to sell itself. I wonder if it has special circumstances or issues that need to be explained. Alternatively, maybe it is a particularly popular model in that region and therefore brings a premium price that would be embarrassingly high for the rest of the country.

There are possibly many legitimate reasons for not listing a price. But, I want to see a starting price. I don't want to talk to someone, yet. If it doesn't have a price listed on the website, I don't pay much attention to the unit.

Pictures seem to be poor on some dealership websites. I've seen the inside of I don't know how many RV refrigerators, but that's not something that's going to sell an RV to me. Pictures of the inside of a closet don't really do it for me, either.

I like thumbnails pictures that I can load if I want to see them, not the continuously changing ones that all have to load. If I want to see the fourth one, I don't want to wait through the first three.

Oh, and if you don't have pictures, wait until you do to post that particular RV. "Pictures coming soon," doesn't cut it. With digital cameras and cameras on cell phones, it seems it should
be easy enough to get pictures up when doing the initial listing of the rig.

I imagine when a website designer shows his or her work they have the biggest, fastest, newest, and best computer available. Their presentation looks fabulous in your office, but I'm not in your office, and my computer isn't state of the art. I have a computer that's a few years old and internet that is far from the fastest available in other parts of the country.

I like a website like I like an RV. It doesn't have to be the biggest, or the fanciest, or have the most gizmos. It should be clean, functional, easy to use, easy to navigate, look nice, but not gaudy, and with the essential features that make it fun instead of work. All the features do need to work. If there is ever a question, the simpler choice is usually the best choice.

I just wrote this from my experiences, I hope this helps you provide a website that not only helps you sell RV's, but also helps people out there find what they are looking for in an RV.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

I like a website to load quickly. That means no videos. Show me static photos.

I like to see the units grouped by price. Since I'm not a die-hard Class A fan, or an avid 5th-wheel enthusiast, or dead-set on having a diesel pusher, I'm open to all units in my price range.

I like having specific information about each unit that is listed for sale. The more information, the better.

Put the dealership's basic information where I can easily see it. Where is the dealership located -- the city and state, as well as the street address. What is the contact info -- website address, email address, and phone number?

When I go to a dealer's website, it is because I am interested in buying an RV. It isn't because I'm looking for a recipe for s'mores. I'd like your website to be all about the recreational vehicles that you have for sale and how I can buy one from you.

Comments for RV Dealership Websites

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Dealer Websites - Prices and Pictures
by: Barb

I agree with Bob and Colleen. If you don't put in a price, I'm going to skip right by it. My feeling is that the price is too high, you need to "sell" me to justify that price.

I also want still photos, not of the inside of closets/drawers, unless there have been modifications to make the closets/drawers out of the ordinary. I want panoramic photos of the interior, not close-ups of the appliances.

If we're on a dealer's lot, we don't like to be followed and "hounded". Point us in the direction of the RV types we want and then leave us alone -- we'll get back to you if we have questions. I know that goes against many dealer policies, but we will leave if we feel pressured. We are experienced and know what we want and trying to "sell us" makes us feel manipulated.

Pictures, Price, and Weight
by: Connie

Pictures, price, and in the case of trailers, weight, weight, and weight.

Bedroom Pictures
by: Gordon

My main concern is the pictures of the bedroom. I want to see the whole room to see if the bed is a walk around or a corner. My wife likes to check for closet space (hasn't quite gotten the downsizing thing figured out). I don't like corner beds; must have spent too much time in the corner as a kid.

Dealer Web Page
by: Jim Clark

No price listed? I move on. The reason for the ad is to sell me the unit. If they do not put a price on things, then I figure whatever they are doing, the "bait and switch" tactic will be employed somewhere.

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