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RV Generator Receptacle

An RV Life and Travel Reader asks....
(Locating the Generator Outlet)

My question is about my RV generator receptacle. I just purchased a used 2007 Coachman motorhome. When going from shore power to generator power, it says to start the generator, then plug the shore power into the generator receptacle. The only problem is, there is no reference in the owner's manual as to the generator outlet.

Where is the generator receptacle plug-in located? I really don't want to mess up the system.

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

The generator outlet is usually inside the compartment the shore power cord comes out of. The outlet is sometimes where it can’t really be seen, because the door is too small or the cord itself blocks the view into the compartment.

I would suggest you pull the full length of the power cord out of its compartment. Then, look to see if you can locate the 30 amp receptacle.

Many times, it is on the compartment wall towards the rear of the RV, but it may be mounted any place in the compartment. It may seem inconvenient, but it allows you to plug in your generator and leave the compartment door closed.

If you don’t find the generator receptacle there, look inside the generator compartment. I’ve seen one RV situated like this. I believe the generator was installed after the RV left the factory. In this situation you will have to run your power cord to the generator to plug it in, and will need to unplug the cord and put it away before you head down the road.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Congratulations on your motorhome purchase. I hope you have a lot of fun RVing in it.

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