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RV Height

(Mike asks....)

Is an RV height of 9' 6" getting too high for many places? New pickup truck camper, and max height of it all is 9' 6" and I did wonder. At that height, need to be very careful, I'm sure. Like I know driving through a fast food place would present problems, but did wonder about all the other canopies such as banks and more.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Mike,

Your RV height is right at that point where you can sneak under many things -- but don't count on it. Yes, the overhead canopies at fast food places are going to give you problems.

Bank drive-throughs, parking garages, car washes, pharmacy pick-up windows, even tree branches are all things that you'll need to watch out for.

Some businesses also have an arm bar across the entrance to keep taller vehicles out. I think that some of those at Wal-Mart at right at 9 feet.

When we had a pickup camper, Bob put an antenna on the cab that was the height of the camper. As long as the antenna cleared, we knew the camper would, also.

Best advice I can probably offer is just what you said -- you need to be careful. Don't drive under any of those overhangs unless you are sure your rig will safely fit.

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