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RV Insurance - A Reader Asks About Special Motorhome Insurance Coverage

What kind of RV insurance do you have? Do you have your insurance with the same company that insures your toad? The ads make it sound like you need special coverage for the motorhome.

The ads may be referring to a special full-timer coverage that is somewhat comparable to home-owner's insurance. In addition to the typical automobile type coverage, it includes liability coverage for when you are parked in a campground or elsewhere.

We have our motorhome insured through Geico, the same company that insures our other vehicles. They give us better rates than we found through the RV club endorsed plans, and I find their customer service to be excellent. Since we are not living full-time in our motorhome, we don't have full-timer's coverage on it.

Companies that insure cars, SUVs, and trucks, usually also insure motorhomes and may be the best place for comprehensive and auto liability coverage. Interestingly, it seems that motorhome insurance is less costly than other vehicle insurance.

You may need to get coverage for your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or pop-up camper from a different company.

Our travel trailer is with Foremost. They provide coverage for motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, luxury motor coaches, motorcycles, boats, gold carts, scooters -- all sorts of recreational vehicles. I like dealing with them because I can do it with a phone call or online, no need to go into an agent's office.

Besides comprehensive coverage, you may want coverage for attached accessories, such as awnings, satellite dishes, and TV antennas.

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