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RV Kitchens And Cooking: Stocking And Using the RV Galley

RV kitchens and cooking … RV galleys are the source of gourmet dinners, everyday meals, and camp snacks. Why, where, and how often you use cook in your RV kitchen determines how you stock it.

What camp are you in...

Do you think that the best part of traveling is going out to eat? You eagerly try new foods. You look forward to regional specialties. You consider going out to eat part entertainment and part cultural education. And, you like having someone else do the cooking and the cleaning up afterwards.

Or, is the galley the main reason you have an RV? You can stop most any place and fix a quick meal in your RV kitchen. You don’t have to eat unfamiliar foods. You don’t have to wonder whether the restaurant is clean or the food is safe. You fix the food yourself so you don’t worry about your allergies, about foods that are against your religion, those that aren’t on your current diet, or that you simply don’t like. And, preparing meals at home is cheaper than eating out at restaurants.

Some RVers are gourmet cooks. In fact, some prepare meals that are more elaborate and do more entertaining in their RV kitchens than they did prior to RVing. The reasons have more to do with lifestyle and available time, though, than they do the RV galley. If you want to prepare gourmet meals in an RV kitchen, you can.

Camping RVers tell me the only things they use in their galleys are the refrigerator and microwave. They keep beverages, hot dogs, and snacks cold in the fridge. They nuke the morning’s first cup of coffee. They microwave entrees they fixed at home and brought along to heat and eat at the campsite. But, they do most of their camp cooking outside on a grill or around the campfire.

Bob and I are in that first camp. When we travel on vacation, we eat out. But, as full-time RVers, we frequently cook and eat in our RVs – because they are home.

My cooking covers a wide gambit and I’ll share some of that on following pages. I’ve roasted a 21-pound turkey in my Holiday Rambler’s oven – and put together the rest of the side dishes for a full, traditional Thanksgiving banquet. Our everyday dishes are collectible glassware. Yet, there are nights when supper is a dish of ice cream served in a paper bowl.

We stock our RV kitchens and cooking is practical. But, that doesn’t mean we need to cook every day or spend hours in the kitchen.

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