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RV Parking

(Linda asks...)

I'm getting closer to the time to purchase that RV and have a question about RV parking. I read everything I can, and was wondering, do most campgrounds have pull thru sites, or someone that can back it in for you? That will be part of my decision on what kind I want to purchase, as backing up might be a problem for a new RVer.

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Choose an RV You Can Maneuver Yourself
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Linda,

Nope, most campgrounds do not have pull-through sites.

Many RVers are friendly, and my guess is that a lot of the time you could find someone (either an RV park worker or another park guest) to back your rig into your site for you.

But, I wouldn't want to count on that. What about the times you arrive late? What if the waterfront site you really want is a back-in site and the pull-through sites are in the middle of the park? What happens at a state park where there aren't other campers and the camphost can't back any better than you can?

What happens if you have to get out of a gas station and can't go forward because the turning radius is too tight? What if you take a wrong turn and find yourself at a dead end? Do you want to be that dependent on someone?

Of course, you could learn to back-up. You won't be a new RVer for long.

If it was just me ... I'd get something I felt comfortable with myself.

I wish you the best on your recreational vehicle search. Full-time RVing can be a truly wonderful lifestyle.

RV Parking
by: RoadToad

My daughter went to a vacant mall parking lot and practiced repeatedly backing into a selected spot. In a couple of hours she was adequately capable.


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