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For RV Repairs in Vermillion, SD, Start with Henderson's Exhaust Plus

For RV repairs in Vermillion, South Dakota, start with Henderson’s Exhaust Plus. I usually do my own mechanic work, but I didn't have the tools for this job. I needed to find a professional mechanic who works on RVs.

We were having a problem with our motorhome power steering sector leaking. I tried to get by with the quick and cheap fix of replacing the seals myself. It looked good, but only for about 100 miles. The input shaft was worn, and it quickly took out the new seal. Within 1000 miles it was leaking to the point I needed to cut and wire a milk jug under the motorhome to collect the dripping fluid. It was time to replace the complete steering sector. I didn’t have all the pullers and tools needed for the job, so I would have to find someone to do RV repairs in Vermillion who I could trust to do the job, do it right, and wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

It was Sunday and we staying at the Lions Park Campground in Vermillion, SD. We could see a Chevrolet dealer from the campground and our LazyDaze is a Chevy. I’ve never had too much luck with dealerships, and they usually charge about as high an hourly rate as you’ll find. I’d keep them in mind, but look for somewhere else.

Our Lazy-Daze Motorhome Parked at Lions Park Campground in Vermillion, SDOur Lazy-Daze Motorhome Parked at Lions Park Campground in Vermillion, SD

There was an O'Reilly Auto Parts store down the block. I stopped in to check on what I might expect to pay for the parts, and how long it might take to get them. I also asked who might do RV repairs in Vermillion.

They gave me two recommendations. I checked the first shop out that afternoon. I would have to wait until Monday morning to talk with the boss. The second one was an exhaust place just across the street. The exhaust shop wasn't open, so I'd need to wait for Monday on that one, too.

Monday morning I walked over to Henderson’s Exhaust Plus, the muffler shop close to the campground. I met and talked with Scott Henderson, the owner, and the man who would fix the motorhome.

Henderson's Exhaust Plus for RV Repairs in Vermillion, SD.Henderson's Exhaust Plus for RV Repairs in Vermillion, SD.

Monday morning I walked over to Henderson’s Exhaust Plus, the muffler shop close to the campground. I met and talked with Scott Henderson, the owner, and the man who would fix the motorhome.

Mr. Henderson made it clear he didn’t want to just replace the seal. He felt to do the job right the complete unit needing replacing with a remanufactured one. I had already come to that decision, and was glad he concurred. I liked that he wanted to do things correctly, even if it would cost a lot more money. I made an appointment for 10:30 Tuesday morning to have the repair work done. We went to O'Reilly's and we got parts ordered. They'd be in early Tuesday morning. The cost was less than I expected.

We picked up the parts Tuesday morning and then went over to the muffler shop. We arrived with the motorhome at about 10:10, expecting to wait for our appointment time. Scott had the motorhome over the pit and was working on it in less than five minutes.
Scott completed the repair work before noon. I took it for a ride. He did the paperwork. I paid, and we were done.

Henderson's Car Wash, for RV Wash in Vermillion, SD.Henderson's Car Wash, for RV Washing in Vermillion, SD.

I liked the way Mr. Henderson thought. He didn’t waste a lot of time. He did good work. His price was more than fair.

Scott’s a nice guy, but not too talkative. If you want to talk about every repair and breakdown you’ve had since you started driving, he may not be the mechanic for you.

Scott also has Henderson Ultimate Car Was next door to the repair shop. The car wash has an extra large bay to wash your RV. If you need to rent a car dolly, cargo trailer, or some other U-haul product, he is also the neighborhood U-Haul dealer.

If you are near Vermillion, South Dakota, and want good mechanic work done fast, and at a fair price, check with Henderson’s Exhaust Plus. Scott isn't equipped to handle every major motorhome repair. If he can't handle the job, he'll suggest another mechanic in Vermillion who can. However, for suspension work, brake work, drivability issues, and of course exhaust and muffler problems, I highly recommend him for RV repairs in Vermillion.

Henderson's Exhaust Plus
807 Princeton St
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 605-624-6904


Editor's note: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article after we had RV repairs done in Vermillion, SD. He's the one in the family who has worked as a mechanic, and who does most of our recreational vehicle maintenance and mechanical repairs.

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