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RV Safety: Know Your Recreational Vehicle, Maintain It, and Use It Safely

RV safety means you take precautions instead of chances. Keep your recreational vehicle well stocked and maintained. You don’t need to be a mechanic, but you need to know what things to check.

Recreational Vehicle Safety Tips to Help Protect You and Your RV Recreational vehicle safety means knowing your RV, maintaining it, and using it responsibly. A few safety measures can go a long way. Here are some basics to help protect you and your RV.

Packing Your Wheel Bearings Is Important for Good RV Maintenance One of the first real automotive jobs I learned to do was to pack wheel bearings. I was exceptionally proud of my accomplishment, even though I had two or three years before I would even be able to drive. Since then, I've been somewhat obsessed with proper bearing care.

A Safety Wakeup Call -- Doors Are There for a Reason Do not open the door of someone's recreational vehicle without express permission to do so. This may sound obvious, but apparently it isn't. The polite -- and safe -- thing to do is to knock and wait.

Prepare Your RV for Emergencies: A Ready To Go Shelter In the Storm Prepare your RV for emergencies so you can use it for temporary shelter. You’ll have utilities, food and clothing, your important papers, medications, pet supplies, tools, and cleaning supplies.

RVing Safety ... Don't Bet Your Life on a Senseless Rule RVing safety is a serious issue. But, there's a silly "rule" out there, popular with RVers, which could kill you and everyone else in your wreck. RV's have weight ratings, not number of item ratings.

RV Maintenance is Key to Preventing Breakdowns and Problems RV maintenance goes a long way in keeping your recreational vehicle running smoothly. These articles share what we do to prevent problems and keep our RVs safe. They also discuss RV repairs.

Stock Your RV for Emergencies: Have It Stocked and Ready To Go Stock your RV for emergencies so you can use it for temporary shelter. Part 2 of Preparing Your RV for Emergencies article. Keeping your RV well stocked can reduce stress during an emergency.

Leveling Our RV: We Opt for No Cost, Low Tech, Easy, and Efficient Leveling our RV, whether we are in our travel trailer or motorhome, is a simple procedure. It's quick, easy, and I didn't spend any money to buy leveling blocks. You may want a more high-tech way to level your rig, but this basic method works efficiently for us.

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