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RV Summer Work Opportunities

(Ike asks...)

How would a retired couple go about checking job opportunities for next summer at national parks or other attractions that use temporary summer help?

We are flexible but would like something out west. I have good maintenance and mechanical skills and my wife is very good with organizational skills. We would prefer to find a place that can accommodate us with a full hook up for our travel trailer or individual living accommodations.

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Work Camping Jobs
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Ike,

For general information about working while RVing and for specific work camping job listings, go to the Workers On Wheels website.

You can also go to the websites of the particular national park or attraction where you want to work. Many of them have a jobs or volunteer program section on the site.

The skills you list are highly sought after for all sorts of jobs. You may find it works best to just go where you want to spend the summer. Once there, let people know what you can do and that you are you ready and available to work immediately.

Retired Workers....
by: Barb

Believe it or not, but retired people (by that I mean people who are retired from "regular" jobs) are treasured employees at many jobs and in many areas that cater to RVers and vacationers. Most of us have worked long and hard to be successful in a particular job and once we start RVing it's not difficult transferring that attitude and those work ethics to other areas. We bring friendliness, dependability, and the willingness to give that extra effort to get things right. And, lots of other qualities that are disappearing from customer service jobs.

It's kinda scary getting started (when you may have worked one job most of your life) and putting yourself on the line for possible rejection, but I can promise you that if you persevere you will not only find jobs, but you will wonder what took you so long to try it!

Job Opportunities
by: Brenda

Try Coolworks. Search the internet, there are many out there, even for working on a dude ranch in beautiful Colorado. Good Luck.

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