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RV Water Tanks

(A motorhomer owner asks...)

We don't use our RV water tanks. Since I've owned my motorhome, I have never put water in my holding tanks. I shut the valves off to my tanks. We don't go boondocking, and we always find places for total hook ups. We carry drinking water. Is there a problem with this, or will there be a problem later on?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

You mean your fresh water holding tanks, right?

If the tanks have always been dry, I don't know of any problems that you should have with them.

If the manufacturer or dealer put water in them to test for leaks, or if a previous owner used them, there could be a problem. It's often impossible to get all of the water completely out. If there's a small amount of water remaining in them, you could have something growing, such as unfriendly bacteria.

If I was buying a new motorhome where they had put water in the RV water tanks, and I didn't want to use them, I'd add a disinfectant. I'd mix ordinary, unscented chlorine bleach with water, put it in the RV water tanks, and then drain out as much of it as possible.

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Fresh Water Tank

What Coleen said is true. I would only ad that the bleach/water mix should fill the tank; drive around to slosh it. Then leave in the tank for about an hour or so, then run it through all faucets to sanitize everything well (be sure to shut off city water supply, and turn on your water pump). Then you can drain what is left from the low side hose under the tank. After that, it will be safe to use if you choose. We don't use ours either, but cleaned it anyway. If we ever need to use the fresh water supply tank, I would re-do the procedure.

Just wondering...
by: Gypsy Jane

I, on the other hand, never use the city water hookup. I use my fresh water tank and fill it when it gets low. So I'm curious about why you wouldn't use it.

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