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RVers Establishing Residency

Nancy asks...
(How do we establish residency?)

We will be selling our home before full-timing. How do we establish residency in Florida or any state? Thank you, Nancy

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Hi Nancy,

We have some articles here on this website, and more on our Workers On Wheels website that were written by a tax attorney and accountant. I think you'll find the information he, Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, provides on establishing domicile and setting up a home base to be informative and important.

On this site, start at Tax Help for RVers, from a Tax Lawyer and Accountant, and the IRS. You'll see the article Your Tax Domicile Doesn't Change Just Because Your Address and RV Registration Do listed there, and that should be particularly helpful. You'll also find the link to our other website on that same page. Click here to go to Mr. Shenkman's articles.

To establish residency, you'll want to cut ties with your former state and establish ties to your new home state. It seems the more connections you can make, the better. You may want to start with getting an address.

I think the best choice for full-time RVers is to use the UPS Store on Main Street in Rapid City, SD for an address and for mail handling. They provide you with a street address. I recommend them highly. They are efficient and helpful, and they understand the needs of full-time RVers. If you think South Dakota is the right home state for you, give them a call and tell them that Coleen from Workers On Wheels sent you. For more on choosing a mail service, click here.

Since you mention Florida, you may find the article I wrote about Florida mail processing centers helpful, too. Click here for it.

Once you have your mailing address, you'll probably want to start making changes to the addresses you have on bank accounts, club memberships, your utility accounts (such as your cell phone), magazine subscriptions, credit card accounts, etc. You'll need to notify your doctors, accountant, and other professionals that work with you of the change.

You may want to join a church in your new home state, as well as some local organizations. Some suggest getting a library card in your new local.

Making the move to full-time RVing means lots of changes. RVers establishing residency in a new state get to experience even more of them.

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Establishing Residency
by: Don and Jan

When establishing residency in Florida, to get a drivers license, you will need your birth certificate, marriage license for the female, your prior drivers license, deed or rental agreement in your name, electric bill at the home address in your name. We're using our daughter's home address, but we also got our drivers license just before the new law went into effect and didn't need the deed/rental agreement, electric bill. Thanks to Homeland Security, it's more difficult to full-time. I'm not sure how the mail forwarders handle all the requirements.

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