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RVing Thousands of Miles from Home and Missing What?

Several of you have pointed out that south Texas is a long way from Alaska. Not just in miles, but in styles. And, you are asking what it is that we are missing most this winter while RVing 1000's of miles from home.

In Lafayette, the heart of Louisiana's Cajun country, we ate Cajun. And, po' boys. And, fresh shrimp. And, we loved all of it.

In Texas, we're having wonderful authentic Mexican food. And, Americanized Mexican food. And, BBQ. And, more fresh shrimp, along with other fresh fish and seafood.

But, no Chinese or Oriental food. There isn't a Chinese restaurant in Port Isabel. We didn't find one on South Padre Island. There isn't one here in Port Mansfield.

The last time we went to a Chinese place to eat was in Wyoming. That was before Thanksgiving.

Eating regional foods and local specialties is one of the joys for RVing for us. It certainly has been this winter.

But, the question was, what have we missed? This says a lot about how we find RV life and travel to be rewarding and full-filling. After being gone for more than five months, the biggest thing we've missed is a particular type of restaurant. RVing life is pretty darn good.

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