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RVing Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms - Here to Help You Understand RV Lingo

RVing terms, abbreviations, and acronyms, so you know the RV lingo when RVers throw "boondocking" or "FHU" into the conversation, and when you see RVing slang such as "5er" or "toad."  Don't be left out of the campfire conversations because you don't understand what they're talking about.

  • Back In (Back In Site) - An RV site in a campground with a combined (single) entrance and exit. RVs are typically backed into the site and driven forward to exit.
  • Black Tank (Black Water Tank, Black Water Holding Tank) - The holding tank into which the RV toilet empties when it is flushed.
  • Black Water - Sewage waste from an RV toilet. It accumulates in the black water tank.
  • Blueboy (Blue-boy) - A small, blue colored plastic tank, often on wheels, used for portable sewage disposal.
  • Boondocking (Boon Docking) - RVing using the RV's self-containment systems. RVing without being hooked up to external electrical connection (shore-power), fresh water connection, or sewer system.
  • Fresh Water - Potable water. Water suitable for human consumption.
  • Fresh Water Tank - The RV tank that holds potable water.
  • Full Hookup (FHU, Full Hookup Site) - An RV site with water, electric, and sewer connections.
  • Full-timer (Fulltimer, Full-time RVer) - Someone whose only home is his RV.
  • Gray Water - Waste water from sinks, showers, and washing machines.
  • Gray Water Tank (Gray Water Holding Tank) - The holding tank on an RV into which sinks, showers, and the washing machine drain.

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