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RVing Tips: Helpful Hints for Full-time RVers, Snowbirds and Extended-time RVers

RVing tips to make full-timing easier, more fun, and less costly. But, these hints aren't just for those who live in recreational vehicles. They are also good for snowbirds and extended RV travelers.

Check the Weather Before You Head Out

Before you head out on travel days, check the weather report for where you expect to be at mid-day, as well as where you expect to be at day's end. That info may affect when you get started, how fast you travel, and how long you take on stops.


Coleen's Recommendation for a Mail Forwarder

During the time we've been full-time RVing, we've used several different mail forwarding services. By far, the best we've found is the UPS Store in Rapid City, SD. They have a full range of services. They send mail according to when you want it. They are trustworthy and dependable. South Dakota is a good state to call home if you need a home base. If you need a mail forwarder, give Vicky or Rory a call. Tell them Coleen from Workers On Wheels sent you. Click here to go to their website.


Food Souvenirs Don't Waste Space

RVers like to buy souvenirs, just like other travelers do. But, where do you put them? One answer is to buy your souvenirs at the grocery store, farmer's market, or shop that sells foodstuffs. In Georgia, we bought Vidalia onion salad dressing. In Alaska, we bought salmon and reindeer sausage. In Louisiana, it was Cajun seasoning mix. If you want something that can be kept, look for foods that come in decorative tins that you can keep and use for something else.


Take Your Favorite China Full-time RVing

When you start full time RVing, take along your favorites and use them. If your favorite kitchen appliance is your bread maker, you will still like using it the RV. If your favorite dishes are china, yes, take them along and use them every day in the RV.


RVing with Cast Iron Cookware

I liked cooking with cast iron before we went RVing. After years of full-time RVing, I'm still cooking with cast iron. Some wonder about the weight and where to store it. When we lived in a traditional house, I kept my cast iron cook wear in the oven. So, the oven in the RV is the logical place to keep my cast iron fry pans, chicken fryer, and Dutch now. As for the weight, we make choices, and I think they are worth it.


Quick Changes Mean a Whole New Look

It's easy to make big visual changes in small spaces -- such as an RV. Change the curtains, the bedspread, and put up a different wall hanging and you have a completely different look than you had an hour before. Even doing just one of those things can make a big difference.


Camping and RV Etiquette Tip

Respect campsite boundaries. Neither your children nor your pets should be allowed onto your campground neighbor's site. Teach your children to walk along the side of the roads or on sidewalks -- and to not run through anyone else's site. Your RV, including your slide-outs, and your vehicle should all be parked completely on your site. Same with your lawn chairs, bicycles, and other camping equipment, they belong on your campsite, not on your neighbors.


RV Buying Tip

When buying a used RV, look for water stains on the ceiling and walls. Water stains aren't just a cosmetic problem. They are signs of a leak. Leaks likely mean structural damage. Structural damage can be expensive to repair.


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