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RVing to Costa Rica

(Bob asks...)

We are thinking about towing our travel trailer to Costa Rica. Anybody here done something similar? What problems have you had along the way or while RVing there?

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RV to Costa Rica
by: Donald

I am planning to drive my truck and travel trailer down next fall (2011). I have done a lot of online forum searching, seems safe. Do your homework as far as bad areas to avoid and special supplies you will need -- GPS, water purifier, etc. 99 days to Panama is a good forum.

Insane Trip
by: Steve

I drove to Costa Rica in a mini van 7 years ago with my brother who speaks a little Spanish. We were ripped off two times. We had a hard time finding a good place to stay the night, as you can not drive at night at all. We must have stopped 25 different times to eat at places so bad we just got back in the van and left. You will be shocked at the problems at every border crossing! I would never recommend anyone make that trip! We feel very lucky to have made it here at all. Please take my advice and do not make that trip! Nothing you will ever do will be that unsafe!

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