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RVing from Texas to South Dakota, Full-Circle in the Lower 48

RVing lets us follow the sun -- and the snow. When Texas got too hot for our liking, we headed north. North right into white-out conditions that for a short time looked like a blizzard.

On the other side of the causeway, Park Center RV Park in Port Isabel was our home away from home. The highlight of our stay at the park was the musical entertainment. As for the community, we enjoyed the restaurants -- the inexpensive Mexican breakfasts and the succulent, sweet shrimp, freshly battered in-house and deep fried.

(Side note: It was 7,512 miles from our home in Alaska to Port Isabel, Texas. That was not a straight drive. We veered off the path for several side-trips on the way down, including Branson, Missouri and Lafayette, Louisiana.)

As we started heading north, our timing was right to spend a couple days at the Rio Grande Valley Music Festival in Mercedes. It's a charitable event to help music in the schools. The musicians, who donate their time and talents, are excellent performers.

Farther up the Gulf Coast, we settled into the little community of Port Mansfield. Great RV park (Bay View R.V. Park) and great fishing. We enjoyed our first weeks there immensely. And then it got hot. Too hot for us.

Our tentative plan was to spend several weeks in the Texas Hill Country or in Oklahoma. But, as we reached those places, it was still in the mid-80's. So, we cut those stays short and kept going onward, through Kansas and into Nebraska.

Small towns in Kansas and Nebraska have city owned campgrounds. They are convenient for overnight stops or when we need a travel break. Some are free, or they ask for a donation. We used them in Concordia and Aurora, Kansas, and in Bayard, Nebraska. Because of their city campgrounds, we patronized restaurants, gas stations, auto parts stores, the laundromat, grocery stores, and other businesses in those communities.

It was plenty warm when we stopped for the day at Bayard, NE. We awoke to snow! While we had coffee at a local cafe, the snow accumulated. By the time we finished breakfast, the visibility was about nonexistent. It was time for this RVing couple to make our way the few blocks back to the campground and wait for the weather to clear.

Our next stop was Torrington, Wyoming. My sister and brother-in-law live there. We stayed with them for several days. She spoiled us with her top-notch home-cooking. The weather there finally felt like spring -- sunny days and chilly nights.

So, what did it do the day we left there heading for South Dakota? Snow. A friend commented that our trip has come full circle. She meant that we stayed in Rapid City for several days on our way to Texas, and now, on our way back, we are here again. But, her comment also had other meanings for us -- and one of them is that we had snow here in November, and now we have followed the snow back here in April.

We've had a terrific winter RVing in the lower 48 states. The snow here is about gone. Reports from Alaska tell me our snow there is mostly gone, also. Though, there is Canada in between, and I hear they got blasted.

I think we'll stay here for a few days. And, then? Not sure. We are glad to have you along, though, sharing our RVing life and travels. Stop in again soon for another update.

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