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RVs for Emergencies: Be Ready to Use RV During an Emergency

RVs for emergencies are life savors -- literally. Escape the forest fire, flood, hurricane, or other storm. These articles can help you have your RV ready to be your refuge -- your safe place, your shelter during a disaster. When public utilities fail, if you have your recreational vehicle stocked and prepared, you will still have heat, water, sewer, and electricity. You'll also have food, clothing, emergency supplies, important paperwork, and a clean bed at the end of the day.

Have Your RV Ready to Use in Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Prepare Your RV for Emergencies: A Ready to Go Shelter in the Storm Prepare your RV for emergencies so you can use it for temporary shelter. You’ll have utilities, food and clothing, your important papers, medications, pet supplies, tools, and cleaning supplies.

Stock Your RV for Emergencies: Have It Stocked and Ready to Go Stock your RV for emergencies so you can use it for temporary shelter. Part 2 of Preparing Your RV for Emergencies article. Keeping your RV well stocked can reduce stress during an emergency.

Staying Mobile while RVing: Being Organized and Having a Routine Staying mobile and being ready to move quickly is part of the freedom of RV living. Coleen and I like to be able to leave in 15 minutes or less. The majority of the time we can accomplish that goal.

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