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A Salmon Charter Introduces Bob to the Fun and Challenges of Fishing for Silvers

A salmon charter out of Seward, Alaska, is a dream fishing trip for many RVers. This was Bob's first Seward fishing charter going after silvers. He'll always remember this one.

He headed out on his first salmon fishing trip!

The Betty Lou is an aluminum bow picker with a rear cabin. It is a four-passenger charter. With only three other customers going along, Captain Joe could give each fisherman a lot of help and attention. Bob really enjoyed the Captain and enjoyed being out on the water with him.

They fished Resurrection Bay, 30 – 180 feet deep.

Bob caught three silvers and his limit of six black bass. Estimated weights were 10 – 15 pounds each for the silvers, and 6 – 12 pounds each for the bass. They also caught lingcod, small halibut, and sharks on the charter.

Not long before this, Bob had gone out on a Homer halibut charter, so he naturally compared the two fishing trips. The water was smoother on the salmon charter than on the halibut charter. This was a more relaxed trip, with less seriousness attached to catching the prize fish. There was more focus on just having a fun day.

Bob said the salmon charter was exciting because someone on the boat was always catching fish. The silvers fought, and he enjoyed the challenge of landing them. But, the black bass were more plentiful, so they provided more continual action.

While Bob enjoyed the adventure of a day of ocean fishing, I enjoyed a quiet day home in the RV. Chalk this up to another day when full-time RVing is perfect for a fisherman and his non-fishing wife.

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