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Shopping Without Moving the RV

An RV Life and Travel reader asks...
(How do you get to the grocery store?)

When you need to go grocery shopping or otherwise get supplies or go out, is there a way to do it without having to move your RV? We have a class A motorhome.

Coleen, the RV Life and Travel editor replies:

Yes. Here are some: taxi cab, campground shuttle service, public transportation (such as a bus or trolley), paying a neighboring RVer to take you, riding along when a friend goes, having a bicycle or scooter to use for short trips, having groceries/supplies delivered, walking.

We have used all of the above. So, in the right situations, they are all practical. Which of those is right depends on where you are parked, your physical abilities, your personality, etc.

Glad that we could help with your RV life and travel!

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