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Silly Bob and Coleen Enjoying Alaska

Coleen, your RVing editor while in Alaska
(Playing Tourist in Nikolaevsk, Soldotna, and Hope, Alaska)

Coleen and Bob at Nina's Russian Samovar Cafe

Coleen and Bob at Nina's Russian Samovar Cafe

Thought I'd share a few pictures of our silly side. Seems they all feature hats. We've definitely been enjoying Alaska. These photos are of us at some of the typical Alaskan tourist stops.

Nina of Nina's Russian Samovar Cafe and Gift Shop made sure we had a great time in her cafe. Nikolaevsk is a small, Russian village east of Anchor Point. When you visit Nikolaevsk, you are immersed in the Russian culture. Nina serves authentic Russian foods.

But, going to the Samovar Cafe is an experience, not just a meal. She cooks, entertains, and sells you things. After dinner, out come the costumes. Bob dons the hat. Nina insists that I at least wear the scarf. And then she takes pictures.

The Moose is Loose is another eatery with a gift shop. It's where we go for coffee and donuts, and to catch up on local gossip when we are in Soldotna.

The gift shop overflows with moose-themed trinkets, clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs. And silly hats. Last week...we became moose.

We have Hope. Can anything be written about the historical, mining community of Hope without it including at least one bad "hope" joke?

Well, you know, when we went to Hope, I had hope that there would be something in the air that would make me look younger. And, well, a bit slimmer, more glamorous. And by golly there was! The picture shows Bob, wearing, of course, another hat -- nothing so unusual there. But, me! Hope gave me a whole new look!

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